Vihula Mihajlo – guitar-artist, performer, composer and music teacher.
He was born in Huszt/Ukraine in 1981. His parents are a music-teacher and a composer. He started his studies on classical-guitar specialization in Art school of Uzhgorod when he was 7. In 1994 he was the winner of the guitar competition of Transcarpathia in Uzhgorod.
In 1996 he had continued his studies in the State Music High School of Uzhgorod, where he graduated like a guitar-artist and conductor 4 years later.
In 2000 he won the national competition of the "New Talents of Ukraine”. After his graduate in the Music High School, he continued his studies in the Lysenko State Music Academy on classical guitar, composer and conductor faculty. From this time Vihula Mihajlo featured in the art-life of Lviv and popularized the latest Ukrainian guitar music of contemporary composers - such as Andrij Andrushko, Ostap Manulyak, Bohdan Lisovych - in Ukraine and abroad.
Between 2000 and 2005 he worked like a guitar-artist and composer on several concerts and musical events, e.g. “Kontrasty”  International Contemporary Music Festival (UA), Rust International Guitar Festival (AT), International Guitar Festival in Kyiv (UA), Transylvania International Guitar Competition (RO), Twente International Guitar Competition (NL). He participated in many master courses with well-known gutar-master artists.
In 2004, in a language-camp what was organized by the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Hungary (MUKE) he taught Ukrainian folk songs to different nationality children (Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian). Since then, he became member of the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Hungary. As the member of the association gave concerts in Hungary (eg: Budapest, Szeged, Várpalota, Vác, Székesfehérvár, Miskolc) and abroad (Slovakia, Croatia). In every year, on more ethnic festivals and art events he performed, for example Nationality Gala in Budapest, Szekesfehervar Carnival festivals, nationality festival in Kistarcsa.
He performed with the "Veszelka" dance-group on the Days of Diósgyőr, the „Great Ukrainian Famine from 1933 memorial evenings, the Miskolc Opera Festival, various events whhat were organized by non-profit organizations. Miskolc members of the Ukrainian Cultural Society participated in several events in Budapest (eg. Taras Shevchenko statue inauguration, the poet Leszja Ukrájinka’s memorial evening and on reciting competitions, too). On the concerts Vihula Mihajlo performed like not only a guitar-artist but several times a singer, too. His repertoire is included mostly Ukrainian folk songs.
He moved to Hungary in 2005. He has been working for the Basic Art School in Fazekas Str., Miskolc and he performs in musical plays of National Theatre of Miskolc.
Since 2006 he has been actively performing on the Guitar-festivals of Balatonfüred and it is included that he took part in the "world's longest concert" held within the framework of the 2007 and 2008 Guinness World Record attempt.
In 2007 he and his bandmate, Ferenc Bernáth who is also a guitar-artist established a guitar-duo (as "Double paraphrase"). Their common repertoire has exclusively meant Ukrainian composers’ compositions. They have featured in different kind of nationality programs in the radio and television.
In 2008 he won golden diplom on the  International Art Competition of Siófok like a guitar-artist.
Since 2008 he has been featuring the Ukrainian poet Grygorij Skovoroda, philosopher and teacher’s annual celebration in Tokaj, at the walls of the Roman Catholic Church where it can be found a memorial plaque.
In 2009 and in 2012 Miskolc MJV honored him for popularization of Ukrainian folk music, care of the cultural propaganda and making strengthen the Ukrainian - Hungarian cultural relations.
Since 2010 he has been regularly keeping concerts with the Speaking Hands Foundation (,,Megszólaló Kezek Alapítvány”). This Foundation keeps annual more than 30 charity concerts.
27.10.2013 The NobilArt Art Association and the SEGOVIA specialist guitar-shop made a contest where he won the second award on the international composing competition. His piece was the Animal suit („Állati szvit”) op.94. 
In 2013 he established the „Akvarell formation” with Viktória Szécsi. Their aim was that the aim of contemporary Hungarian and Ukrainian music of poets’ poems.
In 2014 Vihula Mihajlo invited the ,,Rose” folk-dance band of Art High School of Ungvar for a concert in Miskolc. From that time it formed a meaningful quality relationship between the Minority Self-Government of Miskolc and the Art High School of Ungvar.
In March of 2015 he organized and featured like a singer on the premiere of ,,MISSA” of the Hungarian István Márton, who is an Ukrainian Transcarpathian composer. This premier has had great importance because István Márton used Hungarian and Ukrainian musical elements for his work.
In 2015 he finished the opera of „OLJA” op.86., its libretto was written by Bea Selmeczy.
In 2015 the „PRO CULTURA MINORITATUM HUNGARIAE” award was given by the Institute of National Culture to Vihula Mihajlo. 
As a composer, he wrote more than 150 compositions, included operas, orchestral and choral works, string quartets and chamber music, more than 50 classical compositions for guitar, songs and musical poems.